You need get your passport and visa verified at the reception located on the left-hand side when entering the city hall.

You can do it one day before or at the same day before your ceremony.

When you enter the city hall, you will notice the red hearts on the floor. Following the red hearts , you will find the entrance to the wedding room.

When you come to the entrance to the wedding room, you don’t need do anything, just find seats and waiting for them to call your names. Your ceremony might be late than the scheduled.

If you need exchange rings or vows, it’s a good idea to let the register know before the ceremony.

You will be handed a multi-lingual, international version of your marriage certificate in Danish, English, French, German and Spanish after the ceremony.

It is very important to check all the information on the wedding certificate is right.

If something incorrect on the wedding certificate or you need more copies, you can contact the reception to get help.

The Legalisation Office is open for personal attendance all weekdays from 9-12. Tuesday and Thursday also from 13.30-15.30.

The address :

Asiatisk Plads 2
DK-1448 Copenhagen

Remember you need make a purchase in their web shop.

If you can’t personally attend The Legalisation office with the documents, you can send the documents by mail.

For more details, check here

Don’t  miss the Confetti Moment.

Having your guests throw rice and petals into the air while you walk out of the city hall , it’s  100% a photo-worthy moment. All the smiles will truly make the photos glow.

If you don’t have guests with you, bring Champagne with you . Popping champagne is always one of my favourite moments to capture. It’s allowed to drink champagne in the City Hall.